Kelly Monrow Captivates Millions With Heartfelt Music: “Wounds”

Dark and emotional, “Wounds” could not get any more heartbreaking, and yet in its own uncanny way the song builds you up and teaches the true meaning of self-acceptance. “I loved you, just not me, and for that I’m sorry, oh the things we do for love,” the emotive songstress swells her captivating vocals and there is no escaping the pain. But once you give in to it, collapse completely, “wounds” will start healing.

Influenced by legends like Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Pink, and Bonnie Raitt, Kelly Monrow feels a sense of responsibility to motivate women to pursue their goals and dreams. Kelly wants to encourage everyone to defy societal standards and challenge their comfort zones. Months within launching her career, the determined musician has already amassed more than 3 million streams and made her performance debut at South By Southwest in Austin.

Kelly Monrow is also known as Kelly Dowdle, the actress. Appearing in different independent films and hit shows like Billions, Lucifer, and American Crime Story, Kelly soon realized her talent in music and began working on her debut album Scars of Venus that is so well-crafted and meticulously thought out!