Lil Tecca

Lil Tecca’s Latest Hit “Down With Me” Expands Reach to Major Streaming Platforms

Lil Tecca, the New York-based rap sensation, has expanded the accessibility of his latest single “Down With Me” by launching it on major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. This move follows the song’s initial exclusive release on YouTube, fulfilling Tecca’s hint in the Instagram comments where he teased, “all dsps soon.” Today, fans can enjoy the two-minute track across a wider range of platforms.

The build-up to “Down With Me” on Instagram has been palpable, with Tecca teasing the song for over a month and fans eagerly urging its release. The social media buzz around the track translated into substantial views, with its music video, co-directed by Tecca and jordiedotcom, amassing nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube.

“Down With Me” showcases Lil Tecca in his element, effortlessly flowing over a crisp, well-crafted beat. The chorus encapsulates his confident lyrical style, “Show me somethin’ I ain’t never seen, won’t be easy for me, yeah-yeah / All the time that I could hear ‘em speak, that sht been hard to believe, yeah-yeah / Tables turned but you gon’ fuck around and wish you still had your seat, yeah-yeah / She said, ‘Tecca, boy, you think you the sht,’ but who f*ckin’ with mе? Woah, woah.”

Fans can now stream “Down With Me” on their preferred digital streaming platforms, as Lil Tecca continues to make waves in the hip-hop scene with his distinctive sound and style.