Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter Earns First #1 Hit with “Please Please Please”

Sabrina Carpenter‘s single “Please Please Please” has climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, marking her first #1 hit. After debuting at #2 two weeks ago, the track achieved 50.9 million official streams in the US from June 14-20, making it her best streaming week yet.

This milestone is significant for Carpenter, who has been steadily gaining traction in the music industry. The success of “Please Please Please” highlights her growing presence and appeal in the pop music scene.

Previously, Carpenter’s single “Espresso”, released in April, had peaked at #3 and has now moved to #4. Despite this shift, “Espresso” remains a popular track among fans, showcasing her ability to produce consistently engaging music.

The music video for “Please Please Please,” featuring Carpenter and her actor boyfriend Barry Keoghan, adds to the song’s popularity. The video’s narrative and the chemistry between Carpenter and Keoghan have been well-received, contributing to the song’s strong performance.

Carpenter’s new album, Short N’ Sweet, is set for release on August 23 via Island Records. Fans are eagerly anticipating the album, which comes just after her headlining performance at the Outside Lands Festival, where she will replace Tyler, The Creator. This high-profile festival appearance is expected to further boost her visibility and fanbase.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the “Please Please Please” music video and celebrate its success. This achievement marks an important moment in Carpenter’s career and reflects her hard work and connection with her audience.

Tom’s Number Ones column will eventually cover “Please Please Please,” offering deeper insights into its success. For now, fans can look forward to Carpenter’s upcoming album and her continued rise in the music industry.

Sabrina Carpenter’s first #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 is a testament to her talent and growing influence. With her new album on the way and a major festival performance lined up, Carpenter is set to continue making waves in the pop music world. Her ability to connect with listeners through both her music and visuals underscores her significant role in contemporary pop music.