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Yeezy Joins the Fray: “Like That (Remix)” Sides With Kendrick Lamar

Kanye West throws gasoline on the burning rap feud with his official release of “Like That (Remix).” The track, following its debut on ‘The Download’ with Justin LaBoy, is now streaming and serves as a blistering response to the ongoing hip-hop war.

Available on YouTube and YEEZY.com, The three-minute remix features West in attack mode. His bars are a clear message of where his loyalty lies, launching pointed diss missiles at Drake and J. Cole.

The VULTURES artist initially introduced the remix on The Download alongside Justin LaBoy, where he publicly takes sides in ongoing controversies. Ye’s verse addresses Drake and J. Cole, with pointed lines such as, “It’s a wrap for ni***s / Where’s Lucian, serve your master, ni**a / You caught a little bag for your masters didn’t ya / Lifetime deal, I feel bad for ni***s,” aimed at Drake, and “Y’all so out of sight, out of mind / I can’t even think of a Drake line / Play J. Cole, get the pu**y dry,” targeting J. Cole. Additionally, Ye shared an NSFW meme on social media to underscore his stance against Cole.

Leaving no room for doubt, West throws his full weight behind Kendrick Lamar. “We needed the heavy hitters to take out the trash / Yo Dot, consider this a battle cry,” he declares fiercely.”You know we had to get the hooligans up here to get these pu**y ni***s out / Yo Dot, I got you,” Ye passionately asserts, aligning himself with Kendrick Lamar.

“Like That (Remix)” is a bold statement from Kanye West, a powerful entry in the ongoing rap battle. With its scathing lyrics and unwavering support for Lamar, the track promises to keep the hip-hop world buzzing.

With “Like That (Remix)” now available, listeners can experience it below.