Award-winning Composer Karen Salicath Jamali Releases "Angel Melchizedek"

Award-winning Composer Karen Salicath Jamali Releases “Angel Melchizedek”

Award-winning composer and pianist Karen Salicath Jamali unveils her latest musical masterpiece, Angel Melchizedek. This serene composition embodies a profound sense of peace and spiritual connection, inviting listeners into a tranquil realm of ethereal melodies and soulful resonance.

Angel Melchizedek is a testament to Jamali’s unique ability to channel spiritual themes into evocative musical expressions. As the Angel of Peace, Melchizedek’s presence resonates deeply in today’s tumultuous world, offering solace and reflection through Jamali’s delicate piano compositions.

About this single, Jamali shares, “Angel Melchizedek is the Angel of Peace. I hope you will feel and connect with him. His presence is so much needed in today’s world.

Jamali’s musical career began unexpectedly after a life-altering accident in 2012, which sparked her journey as a self-taught pianist and composer. Her compositions, characterized by their meditative quality and healing properties, have garnered international acclaim and earned her prestigious accolades, including the Midnight Gold Record Award for Angel Pollination and nominations for the Elite Music Awards. In addition, Jamali has recently been honored with a Silver Medal as a composer from the Global Music Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the world of music.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Jamali is a celebrated visual artist with a distinguished career spanning over three decades. Her sculptures and installations, renowned for their spiritual themes and universal appeal, have been exhibited in prominent museums worldwide, including the Louvre Museum in Paris.

“Angel Melchizedek” is a continuation of Karen Salicath Jamali ‘s artistic legacy, blending her profound insights into spirituality with her passion for music and art. As she collaborates with Parma Record for her upcoming album, Jamali remains committed to expanding her artistic horizons and touching souls through her creative vision.