Ciara Responds to Critique of “BRB” from Latest EP “CiCi”

Ciara has swiftly addressed critiques aimed at her track “BRB,” featured on her newly unleashed EP ‘CiCi.’

Over the weekend, the 37-year-old songstress caught wind of a comment on X (previously known as Twitter) that compared her music to the realm of “TikTok tunes.” In a poised response, the mother of three highlighted the fact that, in spite of the criticism, she had successfully captured the user’s attention.

“And..’re watching… 🙂 taking time to comment. Gotta love it,” Ciara expressed. Following her retort, a separate user commended the artist for her robust comeback against the negativity. “THANK YOU FOR LETTING #CICI OUT ON THESE H—! SHUT ‘EM UP, FAVE!!!” the enthusiastic fan tweeted.

“Not the assistant coach of a women’s basketball team taking time to hate… that makes no sense,” she conclusively responded, brushing aside the claim of her music being tagged as “TikTok music.”

Aside from the standout track “BRB,” Ciara’s recent EP also features the Lil Baby collaboration “Forever,” and “How We Roll” showcasing Chris Brown‘s talents. The Atlanta native managed to film the video for “HWR” while she was carrying her fourth child, her third with husband Russell Wilson.

Ciara unveiled her pregnancy during a heartwarming moment on their anniversary trip to Japan last month. In the video, she danced beside a pool, allowing her burgeoning baby bump to take the spotlight.

“You look at me like that again, we make another kid… You my heart, I’m your rib” 🥰😘❤️,” her caption playfully read, incorporating lyrics from her own song “How We Roll.”

Even during her pregnancy, Ciara maintained her work commitments and jet-setting lifestyle. She shot the ‘How We Roll’ video while carrying her child, spending an entire day on set, dancing and performing.

A source close to the singer shared, “She’s one of those mothers who has energy throughout her whole pregnancy. She always calls her life organized chaos — but it’s organized chaos taking it up another notch.”

“This is what she loves doing. This is what she has always wanted, and Russ too. They’ve always wanted a lot of kids,” the insider added, underlining Ciara and Russell’s shared enthusiasm for parenting.