kelly monrow lead with love

Kelly Monrow: A Musical Odyssey from Hollywood to Heartfelt Harmonies

Kelly Monrow ‘s artistic trajectory from the glitz of Hollywood to the heartfelt realms of music is a story of profound transformation. Known for her roles in “Billions,” “Lucifer,” and “American Crime Story,” the Austin, Texas, native has redefined herself as a musical storyteller with her latest single, “Lead with Love.”

Monrow‘s journey into music was born out of solitude and introspection during the COVID-19 lockdowns. It was during this time that she fully embraced her passion for music, carving out a new path under the alias Kelly Monrow. This period marked more than a career shift; it was a commitment to authenticity and a desire to heal and inspire through her personal narratives and melodies.

The release of her EP “Pronoia” marked the beginning of Monrow‘s musical voyage, showcasing her collaboration with Dean Sams of Lonestar. This initial foray into music set the stage for her diverse range of expressions, culminating in the deeply introspective full-length album “Scars of Venus.” This album is a masterful blend of Americana with 90’s alternative pop-rock, highlighting her journey of self-discovery and liberation.

Lead with Love” emerges as a crowning achievement in her burgeoning discography. The single transcends the conventional boundaries of music, weaving a tapestry of empathy, resilience, and compassion. Its lyrics, “When your heart is broke, and your money is tight, try to tell a joke, laugh through the tears,” resonate with a profound understanding of life’s complexities and the power of love as a guiding force.

Monrow‘s influences range from the iconic Shania Twain to the soulful Bonnie Raitt, shaping her into a versatile artist who defies genre constraints. Her music, characterized by its authenticity and relatability, has garnered her over 2.5 million streams and a memorable performance at South By Southwest. This success reflects her ability to connect with her audience on a deeply emotional level, making her a notable figure in the contemporary music scene.

Her latest release, “Lead with Love,” is not just a song but a statement. It stands as a testament to Monrow’s dedication to using her art as a platform for positive change, encouraging listeners to lead with love in their own lives. This message, coupled with her soothing melodies and poignant lyrics, positions Monrow as a significant artist with a unique voice in today’s music world.

In “Lead with Love,” Kelly Monrow extends beyond the realm of music; she becomes a messenger of hope and humanity. Her transition from actress to singer-songwriter is more than a career change; it’s an evolution of her soul. As she continues to explore and express herself through her music, Monrow remains a beacon of inspiration, proving that the power of music can indeed lead with love and change the world, one song at a time.