Pharrell Reveals 12-Year Journey Behind “Doctor (Work It Out)” With Miley Cyrus

Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus have unveiled the backstory of their collaboration on the track “Doctor (Work It Out),” a project long in the making. In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Pharrell delved into the evolution of the song, which traces back to a creative session in 2012 during the production of Cyrus’s BANGERZ album.

During the discussion, Pharrell shed light on why the track didn’t see the light of day until now, despite being in the works for over a decade. He emphasized that timing played a pivotal role in the decision, noting that although they recognized the potential of the song back then, they felt it wasn’t the right moment for its release.

Reflecting on their initial encounter, Pharrell recalled his impression of Cyrus as a multifaceted artist, capable of more than her public image suggested. He described her as a force in the industry, highlighting her versatility in transitioning from hits like “Party in the USA” to a sound reminiscent of Stevie Nicks.

Joining the conversation, Cyrus reminisced about her collaboration with Pharrell, emphasizing his role in empowering her artistic vision. She credited him with encouraging her to embrace change, including her iconic platinum blonde haircut in 2012. Pharrell echoed this sentiment, recalling Cyrus’s determination to carve her own path in the industry.

Discussing the song’s release timing, Cyrus emphasized the significance of serendipity and alignment. She expressed how the track’s celebratory nature perfectly encapsulates her current artistic journey, representing a culmination of past experiences and present growth.

As the conversation concluded, Pharrell and Cyrus’s insights offered a glimpse into the intricate journey behind “Doctor (Work It Out),” highlighting the transformative power of timing and artistic evolution.