Rizzy Rackz Delivers with Risky Business Deluxe

Rizzy Rackz Drops New Album Risky Business Deluxe

Richmond’s own Rizzy Rackz has just dropped Risky Business Deluxe, expanding on his already well-received album. This deluxe edition comes packed with 15 tracks, featuring a new standout single “No Drill,” which captures his journey and tenacity.

The album opens with “The 1st,” setting the stage with raw beats and introspective lyrics. The title track, “Risky Business,”  dives into Rizzy’s life choices and the lengths he’s willing to go for success. With lines like “I’m taking risks, yeah I’m taking chances / I’m trynna put my kids up in a mansion,” Rizzy paints a vivid picture of his hustle and ambition.

Tracks like “Achieving,” “Extras,” and “Light Years” show Rizzy Rackz’s transition from street life to striving for more legitimate success. “Achieving” stands out, detailing his grind and the importance of perseverance. It’s clear from his lyrics that he’s focused on turning his street hustle into a sustainable business.

Started” and “Pressure,” featuring FNF Chop, highlight the ups and downs of chasing a music career. “Pressure” is a powerful track about staying resilient, with both Rizzy and FNF Chop delivering verses about maintaining authenticity amidst industry pressures.

Gimme My Bag,” featuring Luh Kiddo, is another standout track. The catchy chorus, “Gimme my bag, gimme the cheese,” reflects Rizzy’s relentless pursuit of financial security and the rewards of his hard work.

The centerpiece of Risky Business Deluxe is undoubtedly “No Drill.” This new track is a raw portrayal of street life and Rizzy’s determination to rise above it. In the first verse, Rizzy addresses his critics head-on with lines like “Let em try to take me out the game imma let it blow / Niggas trynna claim all my fame they can’t be me though,” showcasing his defiance and resilience.

The chorus of “No Drill,” with its repetitive “Flip again, do again” hook, drives home the theme of perseverance. Big Razo’s verse complements Rizzy’s gritty narrative, providing a no-holds-barred look at the hustle required to succeed. Lines like “Ima give it to you raw / Ima tell it like it is” perfectly capture the track’s straightforward message.

The deluxe version also includes Rizzy’s previous single “Loving Me Baby,” giving fans a full view of Rizzy’s artistic growth. Each song reflects different aspects of his journey, from personal struggles to professional milestones.

With Risky Business Deluxe, Rizzy Rackz firmly establishes a place for himself in the rap game. By blending introspection, hustle, and collaboration, Rizzy delivers a collection that not only tells his story but also cements his role as an artist on the rise.

Listen to Risky Business Deluxe here: