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Diego Smith Unveils the Layers of “2 Pa’ 2”: Metaphors, Alter Egos, & Universal Appeal 

In an insightful interview, Diego Smith delves into his latest release, “2 Pa’ 2.” The song uses a unique metaphor, comparing social interactions to cannabis, with his friend representing a blunt and the girls being synonymous with the drug. This imaginative concept is a distinctive feature of the track.

The music video diverges from the song’s theme, portraying a store clerk who fantasizes about a glamorous life, inspired by Diego Smith ‘s alter ego “El Shash.” This narrative is not directly linked to the lyrics but adds an innovative and engaging dimension.

Smith emphasizes the importance of balancing humor with deeper messages in his music. He hopes listeners will recognize the underlying efforts and struggles that contribute to happiness and success, drawing inspiration from his personal journey.

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Congratulations on the release of your new song “2 Pa’ 2”! Can you elaborate on how you developed its unique concept and how you approached its music composition?

The song “2 Pa’ 2” has a concept, which I would call metaphorical, because it talks about something that could happen in real life with people, but it’s reflected through cannabis. Why am I telling you this? ‘2 pa 2’ is something that people would call going out with my friend and finding two other girls to join us. The fun and metaphorical part is that I talk about my friend referring to a blunt, which is a paper for rolling cannabis, and when referring to the girl and her friend, I speak of a girl with cannabis whom she would call her friend Juana.

diego smith

The song’s video tells a story of a store clerk dreaming of a different life, which resonates with many. What inspired this particular narrative, and how does it reflect your personal experiences or perspectives?

The video in question is mere inspiration in that the song is playing in the background in the store, while the worker has a pretty crazy sequence, in which he transforms into an artist like “Diego Smith” in this case “El Shash” who would be my alter ego with the glasses, the orange colors and the crazy things. When this worker finds the clothes in the mysterious box, he transforms and lives this experience, but it is something totally different from the lyrics of the song. It also leaves open the possibility that this song could have a different video, and it’s not just that. It can be used in any setting or for all audiences, without directly displaying cannabis in the video, while we engage in creating something innovative.

In “2 Pa’ 2,” we see the presence of your alter ego ‘Shash.’ How does this person influence your music and performance style, and what does it represent in your artistic journey?

I think I’m the only artist who does collaborations with himself. I do it with Shash, who represents the extroverted part of me, undoubtedly the one that keeps me on my ninja path. Shash is also a lifestyle, so I feel free to do whatever I want. This character shows that 100% with the crazy voices and in the videos, without feeling embarrassed, something I’m not sure if I would actually do. 

How do you balance the fun aspects with deeper messages in your songs, and what do you hope listeners take away from this new track?

I link the entire message to my story and myself. Although it may all seem funny, that’s how we need to be; we must be happy. But this doesn’t mean that life has been easy, that we haven’t been sad, that we haven’t gone through tough times. I aim to reach people who need to know that it is possible, and that perhaps in that happiness, there was always a lot of effort, things that maybe weren’t the best in the world, but that could move forward in life and make their inner child happy.

diego smith

What elements do you think make your music universally relatable, and how do you cater to an international fanbase?

I’ve always thought that my voice and the vocal support I experiment with are unique. I’ve worked hard for a long time to make it noticeable. I’ve realized that artists in songs often sound similar to each other, or sometimes I can’t identify them in a song. I’ve made an effort to mark my presence with typical sounds I use, like ‘Prr’, ‘Yeah’, ‘Let’s go’, ‘Smith’, as well as the voices of Shash that always accompany me in the background. I believe people can differentiate my voice in a song anywhere in the world. These sounds aren’t dependent on the lyrics, and if someone else were to do them, they’d have to do it very similarly, which wouldn’t make sense. I like that it defines me.

Following the success of “Fast Love,” how do you see “2 Pa’ 2” as an evolution in your career, and what innovative aspects have you introduced in this latest release?

I feel that we continue to evolve and showcase the Shash aesthetic. We are at a point where the world is getting to know what we do, and anyone who sees those colors and the type of upside-down glasses will remember the ‘Shash.’ At least, that’s what I would like. We are following the aesthetic line but with different musical rhythms.

The production of “2 Pa’ 2” took place in Miami, and the video was filmed in Buenos Aires. How do these diverse cultural locations influence your creative process, and do you find that different environments bring out different sides of your style?

Absolutely, it defines me a lot in finding who I am. D Tenox is one of my producers who really knows how to highlight my flow, and he already did it with “Que fluya bb,” a song that showcases my style of music. So, I had to release “2 Pa’ 2,” but adding something that defines me even more, which is the taste for making a good music video and something interesting. This is something I was able to find in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. These two elements are crucial to the project’s success, and I think it wouldn’t have been the same without them. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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