Kara Major NarciSecond

Candid Conversations: Kara Major Confronts Past Shadows In Bold New Revelation “NarciSecond”

Kara Major drops “NarciSecond,” a retrospective track about manipulation and control within relationships. The versatile artist reveals that her encounters with narcissistic personalities, along with those of her friends and family, influenced the creation of the narrative. She found it relatively easy to portray such a remorseless character, drawing from her own experiences of being on the receiving end of similar behavior.

“NarciSecond” was written alongside her previous release “Narcissist” after a major break-up. While the latter raised awareness about egocentric traits, the new release delves deeper into the emotional manipulation and the pleasure derived by narcissists from engaging in such behaviors. 

The genre-bending fusion of rap and EDM in the song was motivated by her love for electronic dance music and her passion for rap. As an artist, she also aims to incorporate metaphysical ideas and transformative scientific concepts into her songs, as in her previous single “Everything Works Out.” With “NarciSecond,” Kara Major hopes to spread awareness about narcissism and its impact while offering a fun and enjoyable track for her audience to jam to.

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Kudos on the release of “NarciSecond.” The single explores the intricate dynamics of manipulation and control within relationships. Can you share real-life inspirations that influenced the creation of this narrative? 

Thank you! Sure, I’ve had a few personal romantic encounters with various forms of narcissistic personalities, especially those of the covert nature. Some friends and family of mine have as well. It seems to be quite the epidemic these days. Once you start to dig into personality disorders like these, it’s amazing how much you come to realize these abusive traits live in so many people around you and you just had no idea that it was an actual “thing.”

The character depicted in the song is a remorseless narcissist. How challenging was it for you to portray such a dark and complex personality in your music? 

It wasn’t too hard at all seeing as I lived and being on the receiving end of that brutality. It’s quite the mind blowing revelation to discover that you were being abused, but once you do you can’t unsee it and it becomes easy to explain and portray.

Can you walk us through your creative process in writing “NarciSecond”? Since it follows the story of your previous release “Narcissist,” did you compose both songs concurrently or did the success of the latter inspire the creation of this new single?

I wrote them both at pretty much the same time, after I went through a major break-up. I actually didn’t think I was going to bring the topic up again, but “NarciSecond” never left me. Singing it just provides such an emotional release for me that the first track didn’t quite fulfill so I had to make it happen. If it made me feel better to sing it, I figured it might have the same effect on other survivors.

“Narcissist” played a vital role in raising awareness about certain egocentric traits. In what ways does “NarciSecond” build upon this impact and contribute further to understanding about emotional control and its profound effects on relationships?

“NarciSecond” gives a bit more detail into what the abuse actually can look like, how deep the emotional manipulation can run and how much pleasure is derived from the narcissist by engaging in it all. It’s extremely messed up to find out that there are a breed of people who are so empty that they are entertained by and literally thrive on the genuine love and good nature of others because they have zero internal supply of these things.

Your genre-bending singles offer a fascinating fusion of rap and EDM. How did you first discover your passion for electronic dance music, and what motivated and inspired you to merge it with your rap skills in “NarciSecond”?

I discovered EDM mainly through the different upbeat iTunes/Spotify playlists I would listen to while running. House music and dubstep would always get me pumped up and ready to knock out a couple of miles. Rapping is also something that hypes me up so it just kind of made sense for me to merge the two!

As an artist striving to introduce cutting-edge metaphysical ideas and transformative scientific concepts in your songs, can you provide an example of such a concept that you’ve recently incorporated into your releases?

Sure! My track “Everything Works Out,” definitely highlights the metaphysical idea of the Law of Attraction, and how our thoughts and words affect and create our reality. Quantum physics is the science that also backs up these claims with findings like the double-slit experiment.

What do you wish your fans to take away from “NarciSecond,” and what impact do you aspire to create in the industry and among your audience with this latest release?

Spreading additional awareness about narcissism and narcissistic tendencies is definitely a goal of the track. The continued exposure of these people and their various methods of abuse will hopefully eventually eradicate their existence through forced accountability. It’s also just a super fun track to jam to sonically!

Listen to “NarciSecond” below: