carsn.’s “make it work” and the Transformative Power of Musical Emotion

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary music, one artist stands out for his genre-blending prowess and unapologetic authenticity. Hailing from the vibrant artistic scene of Dallas/Fort Worth, carsn. has consistently pushed the boundaries of his craft, leaving an indelible mark on listeners with each release. Following the success of “can’t miss a moment” under the ‘3rd Floor’ brand, carsn. introduces his latest sonic masterpiece, “make it work.”

In this interview, we delve into the creative mind of carsn., exploring the inspirations and motivations behind “make it work.” As he shares insights into his unique approach to music creation and the themes that drive his artistry, readers gain a deeper understanding of an artist who fearlessly experiments with sound. Through this release, carsn. invites us into the raw vulnerability and authenticity that define his craft, making “make it work” an essential addition to his ever-evolving and boundary-pushing discography.

Hey carsn., thanks for being here!

“make it work” exudes a blend of R&B, hip-hop, and pop. Given your early admiration for Michael Jackson and your exploration of various genres from Country to Old School Rock, how have these shaped your current sound, and in what ways has it evolved?

Michael Jackson’s influence helped me develop a sense of pop sensibility, incorporating catchy melodies and rhythmic elements into my music. Exploring different genres allowed me to experiment with diverse musical styles, instrumentation, and song structures, which has enriched the depth and versatility of my sound. Over time, my sound has evolved by blending these influences into a unique fusion, creating a distinct musical identity that reflects my diverse inspirations while maintaining a cohesive style.

Your vocal presence is more prominent in this track. What inspired this artistic shift, and can we expect to hear more of your singing in upcoming releases?

The decision to have a more prominent vocal presence in this track was inspired by a desire to convey a deeper emotional connection and storytelling through my music. I wanted to explore and express my own thoughts and experiences in a more direct and personal way. This artistic shift was driven by a combination of factors, including a growing desire for self-expression, artistic experimentation, and feedback from my listeners, who expressed an appreciation for my vocal performance. By prioritizing my vocals, I aimed to create a stronger connection with the audience and evoke a more immersive and intimate musical experience. Yes, absolutely! In upcoming releases, you can expect to hear more of my singing. I have been working on honing my vocal skills and exploring new ways to express myself through my voice. I believe that singing adds a unique dimension to the music and allows for a more personal and emotional connection with the audience. So, moving forward, I am excited to incorporate more of my vocals into my upcoming releases and share this aspect of my artistry with my listeners.

How does this single represent the ethos of ‘3rd Floor’ and the top-tier level of creativity that you aim to achieve through this lifestyle brand?

This single serves as a representation of the ethos of ‘3rd Floor’ and exemplifies the top-tier level of creativity that we strive to achieve through this lifestyle brand. The song embodies the core values and principles that define ‘3rd Floor,’ such as innovation, artistic expression, and pushing creative boundaries. It showcases the unique and distinctive sound we aim to cultivate, combining elements from various genres and infusing them with our own artistic interpretation.

With your interest in musical experimentation, are there specific themes or narratives you’re excited to delve into through fresh new styles?

Absolutely! My interest in musical experimentation provides me with an exciting opportunity to explore various themes and narratives through fresh new styles. I’m particularly excited to dive into themes of personal growth and social and cultural issues that ignite passion and spark important conversations. Through the use of innovative musical styles, I hope to convey these themes in a way that resonates deeply with listeners and evokes powerful emotions. Additionally, I’m eager to experiment with storytelling techniques, incorporating imaginative narratives that transport listeners to different worlds and create immersive musical experiences. By merging these thematic elements with fresh new styles, I aim to push the boundaries of creativity and offer an engaging and thought-provoking listening experience.


You’re currently working on your next EP; what areas of personal and artistic growth are you concentrating on through this project?

Through my current project, I am concentrating on several areas of personal and artistic growth. Firstly, I am dedicated to deepening my songwriting abilities by exploring more introspective and vulnerable themes in my lyrics. I strive to create songs that resonate on a personal level and convey authentic emotions.  I am also focusing on refining my musical production skills. I am experimenting with new sounds, instrumentations, and production techniques to enhance the overall sonic experience of the EP. This allows me to expand my creative boundaries and create a unique sonic signature.

If we compared your unique style to a form of alchemy, mixing various musical elements to create something new and magical, what would be your ‘philosopher’s stone’—the core element that transforms and elevates your music?

The ‘philosopher’s stone,’ or the core element that transforms and elevates my music within the alchemy of my unique style, would be the emotional resonance embedded in each composition. While blending various musical elements is indeed essential in creating something new and magical, it is the ability to evoke authentic emotions that truly transforms and elevates the music. Whether through heartfelt lyrics, captivating melodies, or well-crafted arrangements, the emotional depth and connection are what breathe life into the artistic alchemy, allowing the music to resonate with listeners on a profound level. This emotional resonance serves as the ‘philosopher’s stone,’ infusing the music with a sense of magic and ensuring its transformative impact.

Have you thought about integrating interactive features or immersive tech in your music production to amplify the experience, and how might these tools alter the relationship between your art and your listeners?

I aim to create a more engaging and immersive musical experience that goes beyond traditional listening. Interactive features could involve allowing listeners to participate actively in certain aspects of the music, such as choosing alternate melodies, instrumentations, or even contributing to the lyrics in real-time. This level of interactivity empowers the listeners to become co-creators, fostering a deeper sense of connection and personalization with the music. Immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) can transport listeners into virtual environments, visually enhancing the storytelling and creating a more multi-sensory experience. It can bring the music to life in dynamic ways.

By embracing these interactive and immersive technologies, the relationship between my art and the listeners can undergo a transformative shift. It blurs the lines between the artist and the audience, fostering a more collaborative and participatory experience. Listeners become active participants, co-creating the musical journey and forging a deeper connection with the art. This can lead to a more profound and meaningful relationships between my music and the audience, as it becomes a shared experience that transcends traditional boundaries.