dyli "London Bridge"

DYLI’s New Single: “London Bridge”

Born in Lodi, CA, musically bred amidst the eclectic sound of Stockton, CA, DYLI ‘s musical journey is one of steady growth and change. Now, with the release of “London Bridge,” the free-spirit singer showcases yet another experimental version of her multi-genre art.

The song “London Bridge” was created when DYLI received an inspired beat from producer Ruwanaga Samath. Of course, the title reminded me of Fergie’s “London Bridge”, so I guess DYLI wanted to emulate that similar kind of energy. Less than two years later, there was an EP that just sounded like summer in the UK. So here’s an offering that is new but also nostalgic at the same time, references to the UK clumsily woven in with DYLI’s characteristic sense of style. Lyrics like “Big Ben, turn them hundreds into pounds” and playful lines like “What’s tea? Let me tell you…” lead the song to a humorous place in what sounds more like a novelty tune than a standard pop song.

Her other single, “Foreplay,” a dance-driven number with a lot of energy, is about the idea of desire and the build-up of energy before an encounter. It was just another step in the evolution of DYLI, a writer of lyrics where the message could be serious without making it feel too heavy.

DYLI had paved her path pretty early in life, given that her parents were interested in several kinds of music, but they were not musicians. Long before the age of six, DYLI was already plucking the strings, setting the foundation for the future. All these moments were happening, and then her grandpa passed away in 2014, in a way making her reach some sort of milestone in her life, creating a sort of channel where emotions and experience went through to come out in music. Both her releases, that is, her EP and “New Complexion,” have this sort of personal touch, and so does “London Bridge.”

The making of “London Bridge” is an excellent example of DYLI’s fluid and dynamic approach to making music. With the ability to draw from life experiences and emotions, coupled with the ability to bring in diverse musical influences, she makes her output authentic but appealing. A good example is “London Bridge,” where one just gets a view into the world from the invigorating, energetic perspective of DYLI.

Every step that DYLI takes in the music industry is one continuous story, one that tells of personal growth and self-expression. “London Bridge” is not just a song but an addition to the story, which keeps growing, and fans are welcome to be a part of that drama. DYLI continues to prove with each new single that she is enormously gifted and a unique storyteller who knows how to sew her life’s experiences into captivating-sounding stories. And so it is that DYLI’s “London Bridge” dynamically comes forth engagingly toward showing growth. The song combines influences from her past with her personal touch, thus constantly swinging between nostalgia and futurism. DYLI remained this kind of intoxicating character with developed sounds that were authentic and relatable to the musical experience.

Listen to Dyli’s “London Bridge” here: