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Lana Del Rey Shifts Gears with Upcoming Country Album ‘Lasso’

In a surprising revelation at the Billboard and NMPA Songwriter Awards in Los Angeles, Lana Del Rey shared that she’s set to embrace the country music genre with her upcoming album, Lasso. The singer, known for her Americana influences, disclosed that she has collaborated with Jack Antonoff on this project, marking a significant departure from her previous works.

During the event where Antonoff was being honored, Del Rey expressed her enthusiasm for the new musical direction, emphasizing the extensive effort put into the creation of Lasso. The duo worked on the album in diverse locations such as Muscle Shoals, Nashville, and Mississippi, shaping the sound over an impressive four-year span.

Del Rey humorously noted the industry’s pivot toward country music, stating, “If you can’t already tell by our award winners and our performers, the music business is going country. We’re going to the country. It’s happening.”

Lasso will follow Del Rey’s tenth studio album, last year’s Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. The latter has earned her five Grammy nominations, including prestigious categories such as Album Of The Year and Best Alternative Music Album. Notably, tracks from the album, including “Candy Necklace” and “A&W,” are also in contention for Grammy awards.

As fans eagerly anticipate Lana Del Rey’s venture into the country landscape with Lasso, the artist’s bold move promises to add an intriguing chapter to her musical evolution. Stay tuned for further updates on the album’s development and release.