Madonna Headlines LadyLand 2024 for NYC Pride Celebration

Since its launch in Brooklyn in 2018, LadyLand, a queer music festival organized by New York City nightlife figure Ladyfag, has showcased artists such as Eve, Kim Petras, Christina Aguilera, Honey Dijon, and Gossip. Originally held at Brooklyn Mirage, the festival moved to Under the ‘K’ Bridge Park in 2023, offering a spacious and unique setting beneath the Kosciuszko Bridge in Greenpoint.

In 2024, Madonna made a notable return to Brooklyn for the second night of LadyLand on June 29, following her career-spanning Celebration Tour. This appearance, which came seven months after her tour’s stop at Barclays Center, was part of the festival’s Pride Month celebration, with Tinashe and Slayyyter performing on the first night. While rumors of Madonna’s appearance had circulated, her involvement was officially confirmed on Instagram on June 27.

Attendees speculated on how Madonna might participate—whether she would join Tokischa for their collaboration “Hung Up on Tokischa“, make a surprise appearance during Arca’s set, or DJ alongside Bob the Drag Queen, who had emceed her tour. At midnight on the Fist Stage, the anticipation was met as Madonna appeared to judge the Vogue Ball House Battle, a vogueing competition reminiscent of her tour’s “Vogue” segment. Joined by Arca, Bob the Drag Queen, Tokischa, and Sevdaliza, Madonna scored the performances, with the House of Miyake-Mugler winning the competition. Her preteen daughter Estere also participated, providing a pre-vogue DJ set.

Madonna addressed the crowd, saying, “Aside from my birthday, New York Pride is the most important day of the year. Thank you all, New York City. Without you I am nothing.”

LadyLand has become more than just a music festival; it is a vital cultural event that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and artistic expression. Each year, it brings together a unique mix of performers and attendees, fostering a sense of community and belonging. The presence of influential figures like Madonna only amplifies its impact, drawing attention to the importance of supporting LGBTQ+ rights and culture.

The festival’s setting under the Kosciuszko Bridge offered an expansive and visually impressive location, well-suited for celebrating Pride Month. The transformation from a public park to a festival ground created an ideal atmosphere for the diverse crowd.

The following day, June 30, NYC’s Pride March, the city’s main Pride Month event, took place in Manhattan. The march commemorates the 1969 Stonewall Riots, a significant event in LGBTQ history. LadyLand 2024, with its high-profile performances and vibrant celebration, set the stage for a weekend of Pride festivities, emphasizing community and inclusivity.

Madonna’s participation highlighted her ongoing support for the LGBTQ community and added significance to the event. Combined with the eclectic lineup and unique venue, this year’s festival was a memorable celebration of Pride and music in New York City.