Rihanna Returns Announces Plans for New Album!

We’d all accepted it, right? The belief that R9, Rihanna‘s long-anticipated ninth studio album, would never see the light of day had settled into our minds. Rihanna made it pretty easy to make peace with the idea that she’d probably never follow up her 2016 magnum opus, Anti. Over the past year, almost all Rihanna-related posts have been retrospectives on her hits from a decade ago or updates about her new role as a mother. But this post is not about either of those things. Just days after paparazzi shots of the singer-entrepreneur in a shirt reading “I’m Retired” sent the internet into a frenzy, we have a glimmer of hope that R9 might actually happen.

Rihanna recently hosted an event celebrating the launch of Fenty Hair, her new line of texture-inclusive haircare products. This exciting venture adds another feather to her entrepreneurial cap, which already includes successful lines like Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty. During an interview at the event with Entertainment Tonight, Rihanna talked a bit about her relationship with making music nowadays, sparking fresh speculation about R9.

While speaking to attendees at the Fenty Hair event, Rihanna gave a cheeky hint about the album. “[Fenty Hair] is probably the longest I’ve ever taken to create something. No — I lied. That’s R9,” she quipped. This playful admission ignited a wave of excitement among fans and the media, who have been eagerly awaiting any sign of new music from the Barbadian superstar.

It might be wise to take this all with a grain of salt. After all, Rihanna has been famously tight-lipped about her music projects, often leading fans on with cryptic hints and long periods of silence. However, this is the most she has talked about R9 in recent memory, and her acknowledgment feels significant. For those who have been following her journey closely, any mention of R9 is worth celebrating.

Rihanna‘s return to the public eye, especially in the context of her entrepreneurial ventures, highlights her multifaceted talents. Her new Fenty Hair line is designed to cater to a wide range of hair textures, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity. This aligns with the principles of her other brands, which have been lauded for their commitment to representing and empowering all individuals. At the event, Rihanna showcased her natural curls, embodying the spirit of her new product line and further endearing herself to fans who admire her authenticity and style.

The buzz surrounding Rihanna’s comments at the Fenty Hair event underscores the deep connection she maintains with her fans, despite her prolonged absence from the music scene. Her ability to generate excitement and hope with just a few words speaks to her enduring influence and star power. As clips from the Fenty Hair event circulate online, fans are not only celebrating the launch of her new product line but also clinging to the possibility that new music might be on the horizon.

Meanwhile, we can revel in the knowledge that Rihanna is still very much in the creative game, balancing her roles as a singer, entrepreneur, and new mother. Whether R9 is imminent or still a distant dream, Rihanna continues to intrigue and inspire, leaving us all eagerly awaiting her next move. So, here’s to hoping that R9 will soon become a reality, and that Rihanna will once again grace us with her musical genius. Until then, we celebrate her achievements and anticipate the future with renewed excitement.