Tei Shi Unveils Self-Titled Album 'Valerie' and Drops Lead Single "Quédate Queriéndome"

Tei Shi Unveils Self-Titled Album ‘Valerie’ and Drops Lead Single “Quédate Queriéndome”

Indie darling Tei Shi, known for her eclectic blend of genres and captivating storytelling, prepares to unveil her latest musical chapter with the announcement of her eponymous album, Valerie.

As a singer, producer, and DJ, Tei Shi, born Valerie Teicher Barbosa, has continually pushed the boundaries of her artistry, reinventing herself with each new release. Following the introspective journey of her last project, BAD PREMONITION EP, Tei Shi emerges as a fully independent artist, ready to showcase her most intimate and personal reflections yet on Valerie.

Described as a precursor to BAD PREMONITION, Valerie delves into the tumultuous phases of Tei Shi’s life, from navigating the challenges of the pandemic to reclaiming her creative autonomy. Through a collection of soul-baring tracks, she peels back the layers of vulnerability, inviting listeners into the depths of her psyche.

Reflecting Tei Shi’s bilingual roots, Valerie seamlessly transitions between English and Spanish, offering a dynamic and immersive listening experience. The lead single, “Quédate Queriéndome,” infused with bachata influences, serves as a poignant exploration of a doomed love affair, narrated through lush melodies and evocative lyricism.

Accompanied by a visually stunning music video directed by her close friend Vogue Giambri, “Quédate Queriéndome” sets the tone for Valerie‘s evocative narrative journey. Fans can expect the full album to be released on April 19, as Tei Shi invites them to embark on a deeply personal and introspective musical odyssey.

Experience the heartfelt melodies and soul-stirring storytelling of Valerie as Tei Shi unveils her most poignant work to date. Stream “Quédate Queriéndome” and stay tuned for the album’s highly anticipated release.