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Ariel Marie Releases “Just This Way” – A New Anthem for Self-Expression

Ariel Marie, an 18-year-old NYU music business student and budding music sensation, has just dropped her latest single, “Just This Way.” Known for her deep-rooted passion and commitment to her music career, Ariel draws heavily from folk legends like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan to create music that’s both reflective and forward-thinking.

Her newest offering, “Just This Way,” is a beautifully crafted piece that combines Ariel’s thoughtful lyrics with understated melodies. From the very first line, “You don’t have to like it but I am just this way,” Ariel sets a reflective tone that defines the song’s introspective appeal.

The single features Ariel’s skillful use of minimalistic yet impactful musical arrangements that put her lyrical prowess in the spotlight. The production is pristine, enhancing the natural quality of her voice and underscoring her direct involvement in every facet of her music, from writing to production.

Prior to this release, Ariel had already begun to establish a loyal fan base with “Cousin of the King,” a track known for its rich storytelling and memorable tunes. This song not only showcased her budding talent but also paved the way for “Just This Way,” confirming her promise in the music industry.

Ariel Marie’s ability to weave literary references into her music, alongside themes of nature and love, has become a signature aspect of her work. Her authentic approach and personal storytelling resonate with fans who crave music with depth and sincerity.

As her career progresses, “Just This Way” represents a significant milestone, highlighting her growth as a songwriter and her dedication to creating relatable and heartfelt music. Ariel Marie is steadily carving her niche in the contemporary folk scene, blending traditional motifs with her distinctive artistic voice.