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Embracing Imperfections & Reshaping Hip Hop: An Intimate Conversation With Speed Demon Artist Allcapskiel

Allcapskiel’ s journey with his debut album, Speed Demon, has been a resounding success. The record has received positive reviews, with fans loving his performances and merchandise.  The multitalented up-and-comer had an in-depth interview with us discussing  the new release and the current hip hop culture and how it has become too formulaic. 

The artist aims to blend musicality with technical style in a unique way and aspires to reshape the legacy of hip hop by bringing a fresh perspective. His life philosophy revolves around embracing imperfections and striving to be the best version of oneself. Allcapskiel applies this theory to both his personal and professional life through self-reflection and hard work. 

Staying true to his sound, Allcapskiel embraces the evolution of the genre by being versatile and experimental. His personal style and fashion choices reflect his artistic identity and play a role in the overall storytelling of his music.

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How has the journey been so far with your debut album, Speed Demon, and what kind of response have you received from both critics and the public?

This is my first album that I have put out and it has exceeded what I expected! I haven’t heard a bad review yet, people are loving my performances and merchandise, and I am gaining and engaging with new fans in new places. This is all I ever wanted but there is always a next step.

As someone who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, could you tell us about your personal experiences and deep connections to your rich heritage? How do you honor and pay homage to your ancestors through your music?

Almost all of my family is in Trinidad so I visit periodically to see them. I believe you can hear that island bop in a lot of my flows, like in “No Mercy” for instance. Then I also have the Calypso track on the album called “Pick Up.”

What are your thoughts on the current hip hop culture, and how do you hope to shape its legacy?

I believe it is starting to get way too cookie cutter. I believe I can blend the musicalness with the technical style in a way that no other can.

Music possesses an incredible power to communicate ideas that have the potential to reshape and uplift the world. If you were given the opportunity to share one significant message, what would it be?

Nobody is perfect. The imperfections are what make you, you. So embrace them and be the best version of yourself possible. Everyday, grow.

Your life philosophy, which is intricately intertwined with your chosen artist name, speaks volumes about who you are. How do you apply it to your personal and professional life and ensure that you emerge as a better person?

I am extremely self-reflective and judgmental of myself. I often say that what people say about me doesn’t hurt me and that is because I know myself and what I stand for, I know my flaws, and I have probably said worse things about myself and changed it for the better. All through hard work and dedication.

Hip Hop has evolved and diversified over the years, incorporating various subgenres and styles. How do you stay true to your sound while also embracing the evolution of the genre?

Being able to sing definitely helps a lot. It allows me to be more diverse, make different sounds, and evolve with the times better. I am also an experimenter at heart and I have no shame so I try anything and everything. I believe my greatest instrument is my voice.

Visual aesthetics and fashion have always been closely tied to Hip Hop. How does your personal style reflect your artistic identity, and do they play a role in the overall storytelling of your music?

I claim to be the best dressed rapper and I will die on that hill. I definitely believe I could model as I am my own brand’s model and I plan on delving into that more. In dressing, I am as versatile as I am on the mic. I can switch up styles at will and look better than the next. Go to my instagram and let me know if I’m lying.

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