ScHoolboy Q Reveals Insights on Unreleased Collaboration with A$AP Rocky

ScHoolboy Q Reveals Insights on Unreleased Collaboration with A$AP Rocky

In a recent candid conversation on Drink Champs, ScHoolboy Q shed light on the joint album project that never saw the light of day with fellow rapper A$AP Rocky. Despite their history of collaboration, the anticipated album failed to materialize, with Q attributing the setback to a lack of communication between the two artists.

Addressing the issue, Q confessed, “We just ghost each other so much.” He elaborated on the challenges they faced, recounting instances where they would struggle to connect: “Like, I’ll be looking for him, I can’t find him. He’ll be looking for me…He’ll call, I see it, I’ll be like, ‘Bruh, I’ll call you tomorrow.’”

However, amidst the humorous anecdotes, Q hinted at a playful rivalry, mentioning Rocky’s relationship with Rihanna. “He got Rihanna bruh, so sometimes I gotta get him back,” Q joked, suggesting a tit-for-tat dynamic in their interactions. “Alright, you ghosted me for a week, Imma have to ghost you for a week. You gotta wait a week now, too.”

Despite the setbacks in their collaborative efforts, Q emphasized the mutual respect and admiration he holds for Rocky’s artistic endeavors. He shared details of a recent meeting where Rocky showcased his latest creative ventures. “I was just at his house looking at the new art he was making and coming up with,” Q revealed. “He cold. You know he’s always doing clothes, videos and music, so he was just letting me see all the art he was working on, pretty much.”

The revelation provides insight into the complexities of creative partnerships in the music industry, highlighting the importance of communication and mutual commitment. While the joint album may remain a missed opportunity for fans, the camaraderie between ScHoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky continues to thrive, promising potential collaborations in the future.