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Ye Announces Plans to Sell ‘VULTURES 2’ Exclusively on Website

Ye has made a significant announcement regarding the release of his upcoming project, VULTURES 2. In a conversation with the fan account @yefanatics, Ye revealed that the album will not be available on streaming platforms. Instead, he intends to exclusively sell it for $20 USD on his website, Yeezy.com.

The decision comes after Ye and Ty Dolla $ign confirmed that they would be debuting VULTURES 2, alongside VULTURES 1 and an additional track titled “Slide,” at a listening party held on March 10. Addressing concerns about the devaluation of music in the streaming era, Ye expressed his agreement with James Blake’s recent criticism of the music industry’s reliance on streaming platforms. Drawing on his massive Instagram following of 20 million, Ye emphasized the potential to reach a substantial audience by selling albums directly to fans.

Echoing his recent pricing strategy for Yeezy products, Ye highlighted the $20 USD price point as a key factor in his decision-making process. He cited the success of previous sales on Yeezy.com, including the movement of 1 million items on Super Bowl Sunday, as evidence of the viability of this approach.

As Ye continues to navigate the evolving landscape of the music industry, his decision to prioritize direct sales over streaming platforms underscores his commitment to innovation and autonomy. Whether this strategy will become a permanent fixture or a temporary experiment remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for further updates on Ye’s unconventional approach to releasing VULTURES 2 as the project develops.