Shygirl Announces Dynamic New EP Club Shy

As the first notes of 2024 reverberate, Shygirl wastes no time in promising an exciting year ahead, marked by a wave of fresh music. The versatile English singer, rapper, and DJ has recently unveiled plans for a new EP titled Club Shy, scheduled to grace the airwaves next month.

While it might be tempting to slot Shygirl into the electronic artist category, her music transcends such labels. Hailing from South London, her sonic palette effortlessly navigates the realms of dance, industrial hip-hop, grime, and deconstructed club music. It’s this dynamic fusion that sets her apart, making her not just a celebrated figure in the UK but a rising international force in the music scene.

club shy shygirl

The upcoming EP, Club Shy, signifies a deeper exploration into the realms of electronic and club music. Shygirl has curated a roster of diverse collaborators for this project, including Empress Of, Cosha, and Lola Zouaï. The production lineup is equally impressive, featuring the talents of Kingdom, SG Lewis, Boys Noize, Sega Bodega, and Karma Kid. The convergence of these creative forces promises an auditory experience that is both innovative and immersive.

What makes Club Shy particularly potent is Shygirl’s unwavering commitment to sharing the vibrant energy of East London’s nightlife with a global audience. This commitment extends beyond the digital realm, as she has already taken her love for the scene to cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Brazil through in-person club events.

Mark your calendars for the eagerly anticipated release of Shygirl’s Club Shy EP, slated to hit the airwaves on Friday, February 9. As Shygirl continues to break boundaries and redefine genres, her latest musical offering is poised to captivate audiences worldwide, setting the stage for a year filled with sonic exploration and artistic innovation.