Adele Tells the Audience: “Throw Something at Me and I’ll Handle It”

During one of her residency shows in Las Vegas, internationally renowned singer Adele took a moment to address the disturbing trend of audience members throwing objects at performers. Adele made it clear that she has no tolerance for such behavior and vowed to take matters into her own hands to protect herself.

Expressing her frustration, Adele called attention to the declining show etiquette where individuals seem to forget basic respect for artists. She adamantly stated, “Have you noticed how people are like forgetting fucking show etiquette at the moment, people just throwing shit on stage have you seen them? I fucking dare you to throw something at me, and I’ll fucking kill you.”

To emphasize her point, Adele playfully took matters into her own hands by using a t-shirt gun to shoot merchandise into the audience. With a touch of humor, she encouraged the audience to redirect their desire to throw objects by saying, “Stop throwing things at the artist when you can shoot it to people. [Laughs] I’ve been seeing these people, these people lost it.”

Adele’s firm stance on this issue is a reflection of the growing concern regarding the safety and well-being of performers. Recent incidents involving objects being thrown at artists during live shows have highlighted the need for increased vigilance and respect within concert venues.

With her powerful statement, Adele sends a clear message to her fans and all concert attendees that such disruptive and potentially dangerous behavior will not be tolerated. By addressing the issue head-on, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful environment for both performers and audiences.

Adele’s no-nonsense approach serves as a reminder that artists are human beings deserving of respect and appreciation for their craft. While her words may be strong, they underline the seriousness of the situation and the necessity of preserving the integrity and security of live performances.

As one of the most beloved and accomplished artists of our time, Adele’s message resonates with fans and fellow performers alike. By taking a stand against these disruptive actions, she hopes to foster a more considerate and enjoyable concert experience for everyone involved.