Beyoncé’s ‘Club Renaissance’ Event Is All The Hype

‘Club Renaissance’ was a two-night event celebrating Beyonce’s latest album, which according to Billboard, “is a kaleidoscopic exploration of genre, escapism and self-expression; on it, Beyoncé experiments with different shades of dance, house, disco, pop and R&B.”

The event was presented by Amazon Music and Parkwood Entertainment and featured Syd, Victoria Monét and Lucky Daye. “Guests chatted and sipped thematically named cocktails (“Cuff It” and “Alien Superstar,” also Renaissance titles) once doors were open, and approximately an hour after the event started at 9 p.m., the DJ began to play Renaissance top to bottom and in spatial audio. Attendees enjoyed it from the dance floor for the duration, creating the very Studio 54-esque dance party the project promises…The first “Club Renaissance” was essentially the album’s official release party and was held in August at Times Square Edition hotel in New York. There was also a Parisian edition of the event in October during Paris Fashion Week,” Billboard said. Here’s a short clip of the August celebrations!