Shakira’s Hopeful New Year’s Message Is Inspiring

Shakira starts the new year with a hopeful message that feels vulnerable and heartfelt, as she deals with the hard 2022. Fans who follow the Colombian singer know that she went through a difficult period of time separating from her long-time partner and Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

She wrote: “Even if our wounds are still open in this new year, time has a surgeon’s hands. Even if someone’s betrayed us, we must continue to trust others. When faced with contempt, continue to know your worth. Because there are more good people than indecent ones. More people with empathy than indifference. The ones who leave are fewer than the many who stay by our side. Our tears are not in vain, they water the soil our future will spring from and make us more human, so that even while suffering heartache we can continue to love.”

According to Billboard, “The singer has spoken openly about the breakup since it was confirmed in June, and has posted material alluding to her pain. In October, the Colombian superstar released the heartbreak song “Monotonía” alongside Ozuna, in which she lyrically displays her sadness against a gripping bachata backdrop. “Suddenly you were no longer the same/ You left me because of your narcissism/ You forgot what we once were,” she sings in Spanish.”