Mk.gee Blends Genres Seamlessly with ‘Two Star & The Dream Police’

In the vibrant landscape of contemporary music, New Jersey-based artist Mk.gee emerges as a compelling force, effortlessly transcending genre boundaries with his debut album, Two Star & The Dream Police. Described as “genre-surfing bedroom pop that’s lo-fi yet bright, intimate yet expansive,” Mk.gee’s inaugural project showcases his versatility and creative vision.

Drawing inspiration from indie, alternative, and bedroom-pop influences, Mk.gee fearlessly navigates through diverse sonic territories, evoking comparisons to genre-defying predecessors like Dijon, Dominic Fike, and Bon Iver. His collaborative history with Dijon, including contributions to the artist’s Absolutely album, hints at the depth of Mk.gee’s musical journey and sets the stage for his solo endeavors.

The rollout for Two Star & The Dream Police commenced with the release of singles “Candy” and “How many miles,” each offering a distinct glimpse into Mk.gee’s multifaceted sound. From heavy reverb to glimmering guitars and strings, the album traverses a rich sonic landscape, inviting listeners to explore the artist’s expansive musical universe.

Accompanied by a captivating visual, Two Star & The Dream Police immerses viewers in Mk.gee’s world of perpetual motion. Set against the backdrop of an old-school bus journeying along a winding country road, the visual captures Mk.gee’s dynamic presence as he performs and interacts with his surroundings. The release garnered praise from industry peers, with Kenny Beats expressing gratitude for Mk.gee’s contributions to the music scene.

In announcing the album on Instagram, Mk.gee expressed his passion and enthusiasm for the project, acknowledging the support of his “heroes” and collaborators, including Dijon. With Two Star & The Dream Police, Mk.gee invites listeners on a captivating musical journey, urging them to explore the depths of his artistic vision.