V.H.S. Talks About "The Neverending Song"

Unveiling the Depths: V.H.S. Talks About “The Neverending Song”

Welcome to our exclusive interview with the enigmatic V.H.S., where we delve into the creative process behind their latest haunting release, “The Neverending Song.” This song isn’t just a melody; it’s a journey through complex emotions and vivid storytelling.

Your new music video was a significant undertaking, with a full-scale cinema crew and multiple shooting days. What inspired this level of production, and how did it enhance the narrative of “The Neverending Song”?
When we recorded this song, we knew it was different. It’s filled with metaphorical content, not just in its lyrics but also in how it was recorded and the musicians involved. We needed a music video that could visually represent the message we were trying to get across—something more like a short film. The images and emotions captured bring the song to life and help represent the vibe we were going for. The song’s message is still clouded in metaphorical content, but now you can experience it visually.

The video is described as a blend of cinematic art and somber, lyrical hip-hop. How did you balance these elements to create a cohesive experience? Balancing cinematic art with hip-hop was easy because hip-hop can fit any mood. It’s about choosing the right words. The music itself, combined with the video’s visuals, captures the dream-like, somber feeling of chronic emotional suffering, ego collapsing, and a hero being defeated.

The song delves into themes of violence, love, existential despair, and the repetitive nature of human mistakes. What challenges did you face in weaving these complex themes into your music?
There were zero challenges in weaving these themes into music, as they are already woven into life’s fabric and are inextricably related. They translate easily into artistic mediums like music, art, poetry, or any other form of expression.

The song is from the perspective of a man in a toxic relationship, feeling suicidal if the relationship ends. How did you approach writing from such a deeply personal and intense viewpoint?
Writing from a deeply personal perspective is easier than writing from outside yourself. To write from somewhere deep inside yourself, you just have to look at yourself in a real way and bring forth those parts you wish to portray.

V.H.S. Talks About "The Neverending Song"

The line, “She doesn’t know it, but there’s a gun grasped in her hand nestled into the rats nest at the back of his head,” is quite powerful. Can you explain the process of crafting such vivid and metaphorical lyrics?
This line symbolizes the classic toxic relationship trope of threatening suicide when your toxic half threatens to leave. The image of putting all that lethal power into one person’s hands without their knowledge seemed like the perfect symbol.

In your bio, it’s mentioned that your songs feature a diversity of characters and voices. How does the character in “The Neverending Song” fit into the broader narrative of V.H.S.’s music?
The main character Shabby essentially dies in the song, splitting into two characters, the hero and the villain. It’s a metaphor for splitting from your shadow. The rest of the album follows these two aspects, trying to reunite.

V.H.S. Talks About "The Neverending Song"

Drawing inspiration from artists like Eyedea, Atmosphere, and El-P, how do these influences manifest in your music, particularly in this latest release?
I’ve always been inspired by rappers who are good writers. Lyrics are the most important part of a hip-hop song for me. Eyedea, Atmosphere, and El-P influenced my ability to rap about philosophy, emotions, and abstract concepts.

Your debut album, “Love Letters From The End Of The World,” presented a rich, multi-layered narrative. How does “The Neverending Song” continue or diverge from the themes and styles of this album?
“The Neverending Song” is a crucial point in our album narrative where the main character Shabby is killed by a lover and splits into The Villain and The Hero. The story continues to follow their journey.

With new releases on the horizon, what can fans expect from V.H.S. in terms of musical evolution and thematic exploration?
We’ve been exploring themes related to the music industry, especially modern changes. Expect music about manipulating algorithms for streams, record label contracts, and fame in general.

Thank you, V.H.S., for this deep dive into your creative world. Your insights into “The Neverending Song” not only shed light on the song’s intricate layers but also on your artistic evolution. We eagerly anticipate your future endeavors and the new narratives you will bring to life through your music.