Ye Faces Backlash for Non-Performing Headliner Act at Rolling Loud California

Ye and Ty Dolla $ign stirred controversy at Rolling Loud California as they took the stage without mics for what was billed as their headlining performance, leaving many fans disappointed.

Despite the anticipation surrounding their appearance, Ye and Ty Dolla $ign opted to stand on stage for an hour while the pre-recorded music from their VULTURES album played in the background. This decision caught many fans off guard, as the announcement of their late addition to the lineup was ambiguous, leading attendees to expect a live performance rather than a listening party.

Sporting his signature hockey mask, Ye roamed the stage throughout the hour-long set, reminiscent of his previous listening parties. Following the non-performance, the duo defended their approach in an interview with Big Boy TV, asserting that the spectacle of the lighting effects and smoke was the intended highlight of the show, arguing that it surpassed the quality of other artists’ performances.

However, the decision received significant criticism on social media, with many labeling it as a “scam.” Variety reported that Rolling Loud had anticipated a more traditional performance and had even set up a special stage with a circular lighting rig for the occasion. Attendees who had purchased “Thursday-only” tickets for the festival expressed disappointment at the lack of live music.

The backlash comes amidst existing controversy surrounding Ye’s past antisemitic remarks, with some questioning Rolling Loud’s decision to include him in the lineup. The format of the performance mirrored Ye’s recent album-listening sessions, where he and Ty Dolla $ign appeared on stage without actively performing, dressed in dark hooded outfits before departing as soon as the album concluded.

The incident at Rolling Loud California underscores the ongoing debate surrounding live music events and performers’ obligations to their audiences, with fans expressing frustration over what they perceived as a lack of transparency and fulfillment of expectations.