Devin Malik

Devin Malik Releases His First Album ‘DEADSTOCK’

Devin Malik has finally released his full-length debut album. Signed with Top Dawg Entertainment, he presents his first studio album, an impressive collection of 15 tracks titled DEADSTOCK.

This album primarily showcases Malik‘s talents as both a producer and rapper, building upon the abilities he displayed on ScHoolboy Q’s BLUE LIPS and through a series of singles.

The opening track, “BANG YOUR HEAD,” features a guest appearance from ScHoolboy Q. It’s a bold mix of varied distorted beats and flows, preparing listeners for the diverse and experimental sounds throughout the album, which Malik describes as an “audible horror film.”

Throughout the album, Devin Malik‘s sharp lyricism shines, peppering each song with clever or relatable lines.

“Late night, in the city, know it’s happening / I became the man with the plans with the actions / All my b*tches locked in, no distractions / America’s Next Top get me top (vroom), public bathroom,” he delivers in the chorus of “GEEKERTOWN.”

On Instagram, Malik commented on his creative process: “It needs to be imaginative but also needs to resonate.” It’s clear that DEADSTOCK manages to do just that.