Discover Ep!K And His Brand New Stellar Collection Called ‘The Onset Of Agnosthesia’

Renowned artist Ep!K recently shared The Onset Of Agnosthesia, an album that continues to showcase the artist’s incredible talent and meticulous work. As a vocalist, producer, and sound engineer, Ep!K continuously evolves and puts out the best of his work for fans’ enjoyment. Some of our top picks from The Onset Of Agnosthesia are “Dancing By Myself”, “Victim of Theft”, “GFY”, and so on.  

“Throughout the production, I wanted to capture a moment from the beginning to the end. The album is best digested by listening from top to bottom, but it has a different meaning if you listen to it from “Exodus” to “The Onset” and so on, with “Exodus” being the first track and listening to the rest in released order. I wanted to bring the listener sonically into another chapter and do it with as much self-reflection and presentation as possible,” Ep!K explained in an interview.

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