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J. Cole Backtracks on Kendrick Lamar Diss at Dreamville Festival: “Lamest, Goofiest Shit”

J. Cole has thrown a curveball in the recent rap feud with Kendrick Lamar, publicly expressing regret for his response track “7 Minute Drill.”

The controversy began in March when Lamar took aim at both Cole and Drake on Future and Metro Boomin‘s collaborative album We Don’t Trust You. Lamar’s verse seemed to call out their collaborative track “First Person Shooter” from Drake’s 2023 album.

Cole responded swiftly with the surprise release of Might Delete Later this past Friday. The album’s closing track, “7 Minute Drill,” functioned as a response to Lamar’s diss. However, during his headlining set at Dreamville Festival 2024 this past Sunday, Cole took a surprising turn.

In a candid three-minute speech, Cole admitted feeling immense pressure to react after Lamar’s initial diss. He acknowledged the high regard he holds for both Drake and Lamar, expressing a desire to avoid fueling a public feud. Despite these reservations, the competitive spirit and external pressure nudged him towards a diss track.

Cole ultimately confessed his disappointment with “7 Minute Drill,” calling it “the lamest, goofiest shit” he’s ever done. He emphasized his respect for Lamar’s artistry, even offering a public apology: That was the lamest, goofiest shit.”

Cole’s remorse extends beyond Lamar. He acknowledged the discomfort he’s felt over the past two days, contrasting it with the peaceful state he’d enjoyed for the previous decade. He concluded by pleading with fans for forgiveness and expressing a desire to return to his artistic core.

Meanwhile, Drake, who recently finished a co-headlining tour with Cole, appeared to address Lamar’s diss late last month. In a cryptic onstage speech, Drake maintained a positive and confident tone, urging fans to focus on self-improvement rather than dwelling on negativity.

The future of the rap feud remains uncertain. However, J. Cole’s unexpected confession injects a dose of introspection and regret into the narrative.