Kid Cudi Confirms Exciting Collab Plans with Travis Scott

Fans of Kid Cudi and Travis Scott were thrilled when the duo reunited on “LOOOVE,” a track from Travis Scott’s latest album, UTOPIA. This marked their first collaboration since their 2020 chart-topping hit “THE SCOTTS,” reigniting the desire among Cudi’s followers for a joint album between the two artists. Well, it seems their wishes might soon come true.

In response to a fan’s plea for the much-anticipated collaborative album, Kid Cudi took to Twitter on Friday to set the record straight. He confirmed that the project is indeed in the works, reassuring everyone by tweeting, “Its def happening at some point, don’t even trip.” This comes seven months after Cudi initially conveyed that “THE SCOTTS LP” wasn’t happening, stating, “Naw (I’m) not doin that… The moment has passed,” just before Christmas in 2022.

But wait, there’s more. Kid Cudi went on to elaborate on his previous comment, revealing that he and Travis Scott had resumed discussions about the joint album after a long hiatus. “Me and Trav hadn’t talked about it since the single, so years passed and I figured it (wasn’t) happening,” Cudi explained. “And (I’m) someone who likes to work when the moment is right and I felt like the moment passed. But then Trav said something (publicly), so I was like, well, shit, I guess we doin’ it. Ha, talked to him to confirm, and he was (with) it.

While fans eagerly await the collaborative masterpiece, Kid Cudi is also busy working on his solo album, INSANO, scheduled for release in September. Teasing more exciting collaborations, he shared that Scott and Young Thug would be featured on the upcoming album. Cudi urged fans to immerse themselves in UTOPIA before turning their attention to THE SCOTTS, which is yet to be assigned a release date. He emphasized the significance of their debut joint album, stating, “We only get 1 first album, (it’s) gotta be the illest. For now, UTOPIA.”

The history between Kid Cudi and Travis Scott runs deep, as Scott derived his stage name from Cudi’s birth name, Scott Mescudi, and considers Cudi a significant musical influence. With THE SCOTTS’ eventual release on the horizon, it promises to be a full circle moment for both artists and a thrilling experience for their dedicated fanbase.